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Jewelry Care

How do I care for my jewelry?

KVA Jewelry is a collection of skillfully crafted wearable art. Driven by a deep appreciation for slow design & enduring materials, our jewelry is made with the future in mind & created to be passed down through generations. It is our utmost desire that your jewelry pieces remain with you for a lifetime. To prolong the life of your pieces please consider our jewelry care tips below.



KVA Jewelry is committed to proudly using recycled metals in all of our jewelry collections.

Most metals will oxidize (darken) over time, & while we love the patina that comes with age & wear, we are often asked how to best care for our jewelry pieces. Exposure to water & heat will accelerate the formation of a darkening patina. It is a natural process of metal & it can always be returned to the original color & shine.

Every product listing will have a detailed summary of the specific metals used in each piece. All of our earring wires are sterling silver or 14k gold. 

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver will oxidize (darken) over time. If you wear your sterling pieces often, this will slow down the oxidation process. The natural oils on our body & the everyday exposure to other elements are what help keep the silver bright & clean! The best way to prevent oxidation though is to store your pieces in a clean & dry place, as well as remove it when you are showering or swimming. If find that your piece has darkened, you can brighten it up with our personal favorite, the SunShine polishing cloth (or any other brand jewelry polishing cloth). It is an industry standard and what we personally use in our studio before photoshoots & shipping your pieces out.  

14 Karat Gold Filled

We use 14 karat gold filled chain in all of our necklaces, as well as in our clasps & jump rings (unless noted other wise in the product listing).  Gold filled is a regulated process that involves pressure bonding multiple layers of 14 karat gold to high quality brass. This special pressure bonding method requires extreme heat and is infinitely more durable than plating. Gold filled chain will not rub off, but can dull when in contact with chemicals found in products. Similar to sterling silver, we recommend you remove it when you are showering or swimming. You can clean your gold filled jewelry with mild soap, warm water & a soft cloth.


Bronze jewelry has been adorning people since 3000BC & it is one of our favorite metals to work with. Like silver, it will darken over time. This patina is favored by some, but if would like the bright golden hue back then use a copper polish (Wright's Copper Cream) & a soft cloth. Another option is to use a Sunshine polishing cloth. In addition, please note that bronze jewelry may turn the skin green. This is not at all harmful to the wearer of the jewelry & can easily be washed off with soap and water. Also, all of our earring wires & chain are made of sterling silver or gold filled which do not cause the skin to turn green.



Repairs & Custom Care

Custom Cleaning

If you feel that your piece needs additional cleaning, we offer an in-house clean & polish service on all our jewelry for $6 per piece plus shipping. You can request this service by contacting us at info@kvajewelry.com. We want your jewelry pieces to remain with you for a lifetime, keeping them clean is key!



KVA Jewelry stands behind the quality of our work, & with proper care, your jewelry should last you for many years to come. However, jewelry is by no means indestructible. Repairs are accepted & are subject to fee based on the extent of the damage. Please contact info@kvajewelry.com to request a repair. We truly appreciate your understanding & also your business!