Hello! Excited to announce I am taking a creative retreat to complete a big vision for KVA Design. If you are interested in any pieces please email me to purchase. Thank you!

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Meet the Artist

Kelly Aker

Sculptor & jewelry designer, Kelly Aker, is driven by creating unique pieces of adornment that best be called "sculpture to wear".  More than jewelry, KVA is a palpable representation of the journey that she has been on as a sculptor for over twenty years.
Each of the handmade pieces are bold statements that range from modern to southwestern inspired. Driven by a deep appreciation of handmade art & the value of skillfully crafted design, Aker is influenced by the textures, colors, & landscape of the natural environment around her.
When you purchase a piece of KVA Jewelry, you are selecting a piece of art that has been created with care & the exact depiction of a true artist's vision. Everything in the collections, unless noted, have been meticulously designed, crafted, and finished by Kelly herself in her home studio in Atlanta, Georgia.